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hei University of Salford

Name (local):
University of Salford
The Crescent
M5 4WT Salford
United Kingdom


Programme name Degree title Degree type
Water, Energy and Waste (Water, Energy and Waste) MSc SCD
Video, Imaging and Communication Technology (Video, Imaging and Communication Technology) BSc(Hons) FCD
Video and Audio Engineering (Video and Audio Engineering) BEng(Hons) FCD
Telecommunications and Network Engineering (Telecommunications and Network Engineering) BEng(Hons) FCD
Sustainable Infrastructure (Sustainable Infrastructure) MSc SCD
Sustainable Development, Energy and Management (Sustainable Development, Energy and Management) MSc SCD
Software Engineering with Professional Experience (Software Engineering with Professional Experience) BSc(Hons) FCD
Software Engineering (Software Engineering) MSc SCD
Software Engineering (Software Engineering) BSc(Hons) FCD
Robotics and Automation (Robotics and Automation) MSc SCD
Robotic and Electronic Engineering (Robotic and Electronic Engineering) BEng(Hons) FCD
Petroleum and Mechanical Engineering (Petroleum and Mechanical Engineering) BEng(Hons) FCD
Petroleum and Gas Engineering (Petroleum and Gas Engineering) MSc SCD
Natural Gas Engineering (Natural Gas Engineering) BSc(Hons) FCD
Mobile Computing (with Professional Experience) (Mobile Computing (with Professional Experience)) BSc(Hons) FCD
Mechanical Engineering with European Studies (Mechanical Engineering with European Studies) BEng(Hons) FCD
Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) MEng SCD
Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) BEng(Hons) FCD
Manufacturing Management (Manufacturing Management) BEng(Hons) FCD
Manufacturing Engineering (Manufacturing Engineering) BEng(Hons) FCD