Welcome to the ENAEE Database of EUR-ACE Labelled Programmes

Database of EUR-ACE® labelled programmes

In this database you find the engineering degree programmes at First Cycle (Bachelor), Second Cycle (Master) and Second Cycle Integrated (Master) which have been awarded the EUR-ACE® label by ENAEE Authorized Agencies. EUR-ACE Label certificates are valid only if the degree programmes which are listed on them are listed also in this database.

Select the information that you need using the criteria above. You can also use the “keyword” box if you know part of the name that you seek (e.g. “manufacturing”). Then apply “Filter”. Clicking on a programme name will provide further details on the programme and the awarding HEI.

Using this filter provides a list of EUR-ACE labelled programmes that correspond to the criteria you set above.

This filter provides you with the total number of EUR-ACE labelled degrees of each type (First Cycle - FCD, Second Cycle – SCD and Second Cycle Integrated - SCD Integrated) that correspond to the criteria that you set.

Degree typesort ascending Number of programmes
SCD integrated 926
SCD Equivalent 48
SCD 5,234
FCD Equivalent 7
FCD 6,545

This filter provides you with the total number of EUR-ACE labelled degrees that correspond to the criteria that you set for that country.

Countrysort ascending Number of programmes
Vietnam 8
Uzbekistan 1
United Kingdom 9,275
Ukraine 2
Turkey 375
Tunisia 35
Tajikistan 2
Switzerland 30
Spain 263
Slovenia 14
Slovakia 13
Serbia 2
Russian Federation 473
Romania 27
Portugal 71
Poland 151
Peru 9
Oman 1
Namibia 1
Mongolia 6
Mexico 9
Malta 1
Lebanon 4
Kyrgyzstan 2
Kazakhstan 154
Ivory Coast 1
Italy 67
Ireland 231
Indonesia 4
Greece 1
Germany 738
France 577
Finland 30
Cyprus 11
Croatia 5
Colombia 7
China 16
Cameroon 5
Burkina Faso 3
Bulgaria 5
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2
Belgium 105
Azerbaijan 5
Australia 37